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Service support

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Factory address: No. 28, Qindong Development Avenue, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province

Location: Room 501, Block B, Greenland Central Plaza, Jinxing West Road, Daxing District, Beijing

Phone: 010-6029 3922

Fax: 010-60293922-806



◆Service delivery

Our professional and experienced service team, properly managed service materials, diverse service product portfolios, and perfect unified service processes ensure that we deliver high-quality services in a timely, safe, and efficient manner for you worldwide.


◆Remote technical support

Whenever your system encounters a sudden or emergency situation, our technical support engineers will quickly identify the fault remotely and provide solutions through a reliable network connection to minimize system interruptions.


◆Preventive maintenance 

According to the time agreed with you, our authorized on-site engineers come to provide professional and timely preventive maintenance services for you, including on-site inspection and component replacement, to ensure high performance and reliability of the hardware.