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Samsung is one of the well-known companies in South Korea. It is the abbreviation of Samsung Group, the largest enterprise group in South Korea. The group includes 44 subsidiary companies and several other legal entities. 68 countries have 230,000 employees in 429 locations, and their business involves many fields such as electronics, finance, machinery, and chemistry. The Samsung Group was founded in 1938. The company initially exported mainly dried fish, vegetables and fruits on the South Korean peninsula.

Gradually expanded into sugar, pharmaceutical, textile and other manufacturing industries, and established as a family-owned enterprise. Its subsidiaries include: Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung SDS, Samsung Electric, Samsung Corning, Samsung Network, Samsung Fire, Samsung Securities, Samsung Products, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Airlines and Samsung Life, etc. Management, three of them were selected as the world's top 500 companies by Fortune magazine. Samsung Electronics is its largest subsidiary, the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer, and the world's largest electronic company by revenue. Among the global top 500 companies in 2009, Samsung Electronics occupies the 40th place. The world's most respected company ranks 50th, and Samsung's brand value ranks 19th, which is an improvement of two places compared to 2008. In 2011, the global enterprise market value was 150 billion US dollars.